Deciding Between a Legal DNA Paternity Test and a Non-Legal or Peace of Mind Paternity Test


Are you unsure about whether that child you are claiming as yours is really yours? Do you want your name added to your child’s birth certificate? A paternity test can help solve these and other situations.

However, you must be aware that all paternity tests are not the same. It’s important to know which DNA paternity test is right for your situation. Do you need a legal DNA paternity test or a non-legal DNA paternity test for peace of mind? The best way to decide is by knowing the difference between the two.


A peace of mind or non-legal DNA paternity test is a regular paternity test that you can take from the comfort of your home. You order the kit and follow the directions for how to collect the sample (it’s a simple cheek swab). Then after the sample is collected for your paternity test, you mail in the sample. You wait for short time and then you get your results. This is often called a “peace of mind” DNA paternity test because it does just that. It gives you peace of mind. It satisfies your curiosity of whether that child is yours or not. The non-legal DNA paternity test is used in situations that don’t require court involvement or any other legal obligation. However, it is just as accurate as a legal DNA paternity test.


A legal DNA paternity test is a step up from the non-legal DNA paternity test because you can use it for legal situations. The results will hold up in any court of law. The first difference in the process is how the sample must be collected. Instead of using a home kit, the individuals being tested have to go to one of our certified laboratories and present verification of their identity before the sample is collected. The laboratory technician then collects the sample for the legal DNA paternity test as they would with any other DNA test. After that, the test is conducted and the results are ready within two to three weeks. 

The second difference between the legal and non-legal DNA paternity test is that from start to finish, a chain of custody is followed. This ensures that a neutral third party collected the samples and that the correct procedure was followed throughout. Finally, with a legal DNA paternity test, there is documentation that can be used in court. 


Whether you decide to go with a legal DNA paternity test or a non-legal one, The Paternity Lab will offer excellent customer service to assist you with the entire process.  Call today (800) 985-2749.