DNA Testing Options

Legal or Non-Legal DNA Testing? (800) 985-2749

It’s important to know which DNA paternity test is right for your situation. Do you need a legal DNA paternity test or a non-legal DNA paternity test for peace of mind? The best way to decide is by knowing the difference between the two.

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Paternity Test: (800) 985-2749

A paternity test will provide genetic proof as to whether a man is the biological father of child.

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Maternity DNA Test: (800) 985-2749

There are a few instances in which a maternity DNA test would be necessary. It is not as common as paternity testing but, when done correctly, is just as reliable (99.99%) in determining familial relationships.

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Immigration: (800) 985-2749

The Paternity Lab is one of the world’s leading facilitators of AABB certified DNA testing for immigration purposes.

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Grandparent Test

Grandparentage Test: (800) 985-2749

Grandparentage DNA testing is a DNA test to see whether a couple and child are related to each other as grandchild and grandparent.

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Sibling test

Sibling Test: (800) 985-2749

Siblingship DNA Testing provides the probability of a genetic relationship between two alleged brothers or sisters.

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Aunt-Uncle Test

Aunt-Uncle Test: (800) 985-2749

An Avuncular DNA test or Aunt-Uncle DNA test is a DNA test used to establish a biological relationship between an individual and his or her aunt or uncle. The relative must be a sibling of the biological father.

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Male Lineage Test: (800) 985-2749

This type of relational DNA test can prove the paternity of two males within the same paternal lineage.

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Maternity Test

Female Lineage Test: (800) 985-2749

Many want to know if there is a way to prove whether a maternal relative is actually related to them. If the biological mother is not in the picture, there is still a way to trace the maternal line.

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Twins Test: (800) 985-2749

A couple expecting twins is always curious to know whether the twins are identical or fraternal.

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non-invasive prenatal paternity test

Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test: (800) 985-2749

Interested in prenatal DNA testing or paternity DNA testing while pregnant to prove who the father of your unborn child is? There are three main types of prenatal DNA testing available.

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Native American: (800) 985-2749

In order to determine whether an individual is eligible to gain membership in a tribe, a Native American DNA test can provide the results necessary to make the decision to include or exclude individuals from membership.

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Forensics: (800) 985-2749

Forensics testing is a dynamic way to find out the truth in a DNA situation. At The Paternity Lab we provide top notch forensics testing to suffice any client’s needs.

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