Aunt-Uncle DNA Test


An Avuncular DNA test or Aunt-Uncle DNA test is a DNA test used to establish a biological relationship between an individual and his or her aunt or uncle. The relative must be a sibling of the biological father.

To get the most accurate results, the biological mother is also tested to separate half of the child’s DNA. That is important since half of the child’s DNA comes from the father. Siblings share half of their DNA so a quarter of the DNA in an aunt or uncle would be the same. An avuncular DNA test determines the probability of relatedness. This aunt-uncle test is a good test to use when the biological father is absent but a relative wants to step up and claim the child.


Performing an avuncular DNA test requires highly advanced genetic markers. To get the most accurate results, we prefer to test more than one paternal sibling whenever possible. However, we have DNA tests that can be used when there is a limited amount of relatives available to test. A MtDNA testing or Y-STR may be done. Therefore, utilizing the lineage information to determine a relationship exists. At The Paternity Lab we pride ourselves on producing accurate and reliable results in every case.


The avuncular DNA test (aunt-uncle) is a reliable way to determine paternity when the biological father is absent. However, it must be conducted at a facility that is certified and prepared to perform the DNA test with reliability and accuracy. The Paternity Lab is available to assist you with getting the results you need to provide the answers about paternity, utilizing an avuncular DNA test if that is right for your situation.