How Grandparentage DNA Testing is used

Grandparentage DNA testing is a DNA test to see whether a couple and child are related to each other as grandchild and grandparents.

It often works in lieu of a paternity test when the alleged father is either unavailable or deceased. Why does it work? It works because everyone gets half of their DNA from their mother and half from their father.

The father and mother get half of their genetic makeup from each of their parents. Therefore, DNA from grandma or grandpa will match that of dad or mom if they are the biological parents of mom and dad.

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It isn’t necessary to have the child’s mother involved in the testing process even though it is encouraged. Our grandparentage DNA testing is irrefutable and the results will show whether there is a grandparent to grandchild relationship.

Also, because we follow the chain of custody requirements our results will hold up in court when you order legal DNA testing services. They can be used for paternity or grandparentage cases such as immigration and inheritance matters.

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