Forensics Testing

Forensics testing is a dynamic way to find out the truth in a DNA situation. At The Paternity Lab we provide top notch forensics testing to suffice any client’s needs. We provide forensics testing that is fast and accurate. Our technicians are experts in the field. When our client’s utilize our forensics testing or any of our other DNA testing services, they know they will also experience excellent customer service.

With years of experience in forensics testing, our lab utilizes the best technology and equipment to provide several services including, serology testing, data analysis, and evidence screening. At The Paternity Lab our forensics testing lab provides the following services: Mini-STR Testing, Forensic Paternity Testing, Y-STR Testing, and STR Testing.

At The Paternity Lab we have a stream-lined process that we follow in every situation and provide customer service through out each step to ensure that the client’s questions about forensics testing are answered.

The first step is to submit the evidence. We provide detailed instructions to our client’s for proper submission. The evidence must be in a sealed package and initialed. Each form of evidence in it’s own package or envelope.

Before forensics testing can commence, our experts screen the evidence by following a strict chain of command. The serology test is done to ascertain the presence of human bodily fluids or and other type of DNA.

Then, depending on the particular case, the information available and other testing previously done, the data may be analyzed using Mini-STR Testing, Forensic Paternity Testing, Y-STR Testing, and STR Testing. Genetic profiles and results will be generated.