Paternity Testing

A paternity test will provide genetic proof as to whether a man is the biological father of child. Our lab, which is AABB certified, has a 99.9% accuracy rate. Our results will stand in any court of law in the United States of America.

Our results are accepted by the following agencies:

  • Homeland Security
  • The United States Embassy
  • Department of Health

Each test is done TWICE to ensure accuracy.

This could be one of the most important decisions of your family’s life, so it’s important to use a lab that has a perfect track record.

Our laboratory is dedicated to providing the highest quality service possible. Our laboratory is not a service broker but actually performs the testing services offered within their own facility.

If you fall into one of these categories you may need a legal paternity test.

  • Immigration
  • Adoption
  • Medical Insurance Reasons
  • A father that wants to establish legal parental rights in order to see his child or children.
  • A mother that wants the alleged father to accept legal responsibility for the child or children.
  • Alleged father wants to remove his name from the birth certificate in order to stop child support payments.
  • A mother that wants to remove the father’s name from the birth certificate.
  • A mother that wants to begin the process for child support and needs to establish that the alleged father is the biological father of the child or children.
  • Survivor Benefits
  • Tax Forms
  • Will / Estate
  • Court Order
  • Other Legal Reasons

Parental testing – uses genetic fingerprinting to establish whether two individuals have a biological parent-child relationship.

PEACE OF MIND (Non-legal DNA Paternity Test)

If you fall into one of these categories you may want to do a Peace of Mind DNA test.

  • You don’t want the mother to know about the test.
  • You don’t want the father to know about the test
  • Either Mother or Father refuses to come to our facility to be tested.
  • You are not under any legal or financial obligation to produce or provide your DNA results to a third party agency and just want to know for your own “peace of mind.”