Native American DNA Test


When it comes to DNA testing, paternity testing is the most common. However, there are several other types of DNA testing that can be done. Within the Native American community, it is also import to have a DNA test to determine whether an individual belongs in the close knit group.

In order to determine whether an individual is eligible to gain membership in a tribe, a Native American DNA test can provide the results necessary to make the decision to include or exclude individuals from membership. The process of conducting the Native American DNA test and obtaining the results is a simple, accurate, and fast process.

A Simple Solution

The Native American DNA test is not just on test. There are a few options available, family relationship testing, parentage testing, mitochondrial DNA testing, and Y chromosome DNA testing. Whichever specific test fits your situation, the process is simple.

A Native American DNA test requires a DNA sample taken from the cheek (also known as a buccal smear) using a special type of cotton swap that is rubbed on the inside of your cheek. The sample is then sent into the lab if it is not already collected by one of our professional lab associates using a chain of command to ensure your results can hold up in court if necessary.

An Accurate DNA Test

DNA testing results are useless if they are not accurate. All of the DNA tests under the umbrella of Native American DNA test will yield accurate results. The accuracy is guaranteed due to every sample being tested twice.  Our laboratory technicians are trained to make sure the sampling and testing is done the right way. We also offer excellent customer service to walk you through the process of collecting the sample at home if needed.

A Fast Process

After your sample is collected or sent in, a trained laboratory technician conducts the test on the same. Then he or she then repeats the test to ensure accuracy. No need to wait for a few months to get your results. In two to three weeks, your results are ready.

At The Paternity Lab the Native American DNA test is a specialty area. You can expect to get top-notch service for whatever your needs are. You can also expect that the entire process will be simple, accurate, and fast.