Female Lineage Test


While Paternity testing is the most common form of DNA test, there are several other types of DNA tests including the Female Lineage Test. Many want to know if there is a way to prove whether a maternal relative is actually related to them. If the biological mother is not in the picture, there is still a way to trace the maternal line. In order to find out that information, a female lineage test must be conducted. The female lineage test is simple, accurate, and fast.

The process for the female lineage test is simple. It takes just a simple cheek swab sample to get the test started. The sample can be taken using a sample collection kit at home or taken by a professional technician at one of our labs. If the female lineage test that you are taking is for legal reasons, you will need to come in to one of our labs to have your sample collected. The sample will go through the chain of custody.

Why does the female linage test work? It uses the mtDNA (mitochondrial DNA) from the mother. Mitochondrial DNA is passed from the mother to the child, although males also have mitochondrial DNA. Both of the individual’s being tested will have their mtDNA sequences compared to see whether there are sections of the DNA that would be indicative of a common maternal line.

Obtaining the results for the female lineage test has a quick turn around. In most cases, the results will be available in about two to three weeks.  After sending in your buccal (cheek) swab sample or having it taken by way of one of our laboratory professionals, the female lineage test begins. After a short wait, you will have the results you need for your legal or personal situation.

At The Paternity Lab, you can expect a female lineage test that is simple instead of complicated. Our tests are accurate. You will find out whether there is a maternal connection. Our service is also fast. No waiting months for your results. Two to three weeks is all it takes to have your results back to you.

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