Maternity DNA Test

There are a few instances in which a maternity DNA test would be necessary. It is not as common as paternity testing but, when done correctly, is just as reliable (99.99%) in determining familial relationships. Some of the situations that warrant a maternity DNA test are, adoption cases, immigration, in vitro fertilization confirmation, and hospital nursery mix-ups.


In an adoption case, A DNA test is needed when a child is given up for adoption and there is some question about who the caregiver is that is surrendering the child.  Also, when a biological mother is found, a maternity DNA test is used to confirm that in fact, she is the biological mother of the child that was adopted.


In immigration situations, a maternity DNA test can confirm the relationship between mother and child and can allow for a determination of immigration status change.

In vitro Fertilization and Hospital mix-ups

When it comes to in vitro fertilization confirmation, the test may be done to confirm whether the embryo was implanted into the correct mother.  Hospital nurseries can house several babies at a time and occasionally; nurses may get babies mixed up. The best way to determine whose baby is whose is to conduct a maternity DNA test. It will allow the baby and mother to be quickly reunited. The most common reason for obtaining a maternity DNA test is in adoption cases.

Collection and Processing

To conduct a maternity DNA test, DNA is collected from the supposed mother, the child, and the biological father, if available. A reliable result can be achieved even without the biological father. A simple buccal  (cheek) swap is done. Using a special cotton swap, the lab technician sweeps the inside of the cheek to collect the cells. It is non-invasive and painless. A DNA sample is collected from each participant, using this means. After the collection process, a “chain of command” procedure is followed to ensure that the results will hold up in court and government agencies as needed.

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